Turquoise Cuboids Unisex Magnetic Hematite Bracelet


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This enchanting Magnetic Hematite Shamballa Bracelet is adorned with Turquoise Cuboids shapes, a captivating fusion of vibrant beauty and magnetic energy.  This extraordinary piece of jewellery seamlessly blends the mesmerizing allure of magnetic hematite with the invigorating hues of turquoise, resulting in a truly mesmerizing and empowering accessory.

Let this captivating bracelet be a reflection of your unique style and inner radiance. Whether worn as a standalone statement piece or layered with other accessories, the Magnetic Hematite Bracelet will undoubtedly become a cherished symbol of your individuality. Embrace the fusion of magnetic energy and vibrant beauty, and let this extraordinary bracelet empower you with its stunning aesthetics and positive vibrations.

The bracelet features magnetic hematite beads, known for their reputed healing properties and ability to promote balance and well-being.

Measures approximately 7cm x 0.5cm, and is adjustable.

Suitable for men and women.


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