About Us

Hi, we’re Evelyn and Katrina, sisters and business partners of Lilypond Crafts & Gifts. Not everyone knows, but we’ve been around for a long time in one shape or form, and it’s not just our ages.

We started out as Dogcrafts some 15+ years ago, selling dog treats and accessories. As time progressed we moved onto making dog collars and accessories, which we still do today. We’ve frequented many a fun dog show and doggy markets selling our high quality accessories.

There came a time when family had to come first, and Dogcrafts was put on the back burner as we were caring for our father. Sadly, he passed away towards the end of 2016, which left us to choose finding jobs or working for ourselves. We chose the latter, and Lilypond Crafts & Gifts were born.

Working from both our homes, we grew Lilypond Crafts & Gifts and, as it grew, the space in which we were working did not. An opportunity to rent 25 High Street dropped in our laps and we jumped at the opportunity. We were not looking for premises at the time, and had no funding in place, but we managed to sort that out within a week and we were offered the shop we have today.

We thought at first “How can we fill the space ?” We need not of worried as we are now bursting at the seams with some fantastic and unique products.

We still have our Dogcrafts brand, and still run things from the shop and attend as many doggy events when time & pandemic allows.

Our business has grown year-on-year, and we are now fully established on the High Street, and continue to sell across numerous online marketplaces.

Tia, Evelyn’s labradoodle, was always the main attraction at the counter, however, sadly she passed away in April 2020, one month in to the Covid-19 pandemic, and is missed greatly by many of our customer’s and visitors. She loved all our local customers and have a great tickle to boot! It was amazing how many people just came in to visit Tia at the shop and the number of other business owner’s feeding her sausages and treats when she was out for a walk.

Tia our shop assistant paid in dog bones. RIP baby girl x

If you have any queries, or would just like a wee bit of extra help, then please do get in touch with us as we are always happy to help. We provide some of the best customer experiences on the High Street (well that’s what our reviewers tell us).

We look forward to your visit to Lilypond Crafts & Gifts.

Evelyn & Kate xx