Moody Cow Flip Book by Roy Anstey Designs


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The Moody Coo Flipbook has 50 different moods you can choose from to cover every feeling you could possibly have.

Maybe you’re just feeling like a Crabbit Auld Coo, or a bit Ersey! Or maybe you feel Pure Dead Gorgeous (by the way), or perhaps you just Havnae a Scooby!

  • Examples of available moods: Glaikit, Haverin, Shoogly, Cannae be Ersed, Gallus, Doin’ ma Heid in, etc.
  • See FlipBook reverse for full list.
  • Approx. 105mm wide x 160mm high
  • Printed on 250gsm, premium silk paper, with a triangle stand and wire-bound on the top edge.
  • Supplied in a biodegradable, transparent sleeve.

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