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Blend comprises

  • Eucalyptus – muscles experience strains and micro tears as you exercise. This oil provides relief for the strains and reduces inflammation associated with the tears
  • Grapefruit – combats body odour by reducing the production of sweat and inhibiting the growth of the bacteria, which serves the dual purpose of acting as an anti-perspirant and anti-bacterial deodorant
  • Lemon – gives you a boost of energy and combats post work out exhaustion. It is also reputed to stimulate the immune system, promote lymphatic draining and fat loss and can aid your after-exercise detox
  • Peppermint – after exercise this oil provides relief to tight, aching muscles and boosts mental clarity. It is also good for any bruises or bites you may have got during your workout

Product Description
A combination of essential oils diluted in Sweet Almond carrier oil ready for application to the skin
Blended to enhance your general state of well-being

How to Use Product
Massage liberally into chosen area of the body, using a gentle motion sweeping towards the heart to help with removal of lactic acid build-up
Add a few drops to bath water
Soak into a warm flannel or cold compress and apply


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