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Looking for something a bt quirky, then choose an ‘Adopt a Haggis’ gift pack.

Treat your friends and loved ones with a treasured gift that means so much to Haggis all across Scotland! Yes, it’s “tongue in cheek” but it’s also a great fun item to give your friends.

An opportunity, not only to delight anyone with a love of Scotland, but also a contribution to the continued happiness and safety of one of Scotland’s national treasures.

Each ​Haggis Adoption pack is bursting with history and a qualified Haggisologists bring us a cornucopia of incredibly groundbreaking information about the charming and elusive Scottish Haggis!

Gift Pack contents
Each pack contains:

  • Adoption Certificate
  • ID Card
  • Gorgeous Antique Scottish Map
  • Eleven Interesting Facts Sheet
  • Two Haggis History Sheets
  • Your very own soft, fluffy Haggis replica on a keychain


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